Glambini is an Australian based kids wear company specialising in stylish and unique yet functional and durable apparel and accessories suitable for all seasons. Our premium Italian designed range caters for boys and girls ages 3 – teen, we even have adults who also like to buy our products for themselves.

We are unique, diverse, ageless, fresh, memorable,exclusive and evolving. We incorporate creativity with style, functionality and innovation.


I have 4 children ages 2.5, 4, 5 & 11 so every outing as you can imagine is hectic! An outing to the park, beach or zoo sounds like fun but logistically is a nightmare! I should have been born with 8 hands. As soon as we arrive, my kids would hand over their bags and I would always end up carting their stuff around all day. It reduced my joy level having so much stuff to carry coupled with attempting to taking photos and enjoy making memories.
In addition, my kids were also fussy about the style of their bags. My son in particular didn’t want any imagery, 'no robots or dinosaur print' he would say.
After searching for the perfect bags and with minimal success, I decided to create my own range of great quality, stylish gender neutral bags with functional features that my four children would wear happily. Friends would often be excited about seeing the bags and functionality and were keen for their children to have their own. 
I teamed up with an Italian designer because let’s be honest the Italians are amazing when it comes to design. Together we created our first range of 6 colours/styles that would compliment every outfit for girls and boys and had the bag designed in two sizes, small and large. 
These days you will see me out smiling and HANDS FREE or maybe with a coffee in my hand. My kids have so much pride now packing their crossbody bags and wearing them that they too are having fun and also handsfree to enjoy their activities.
We hope you love and enjoy our Glambini accessories as much as we love creating them.
Carly x



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